Eminem’s Revival is not worth 16 dollars

Vincent Kuai, Staff Writer

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On December of 2017, Marshall “Eminem” Mathers released his much-anticipated album, Revival. The album, at first glance, seems to be a continuation of the Relapse and Recovery series which are some of his more underwhelming albums.

Eminem’s career and discography has generally been consistently well with more ups than downs. With the 2013 release of Marshall Mathers LP2 being an album that I thought was well-constructed, there was much hope for Revival. Moreover, the singles were okay- not great but nothing that was terrible. Also, Eminem’s freestyle at BET was lyrically solid. All in all, there was much anticipation for the album. Anticipation that the album arguably couldn’t and sadly didn’t meet.

On the 15th of December there once was a gullible Asian handing Best Buy 16 dollars for a new Eminem album. 16 dollars that I will never get back. 16 dollars that I regret. 16 dollars that could have been spent on a new bottle of honey. 16 dollars.

To start, the album is just weird. To explain, most of the sounds and songs were done similarly in 2013’s LP2, yet it is somehow done worse in Revival. The production of Revival feels oddly off in parts. Not only that but, Eminem’s flow on the album is inconsistent and sounds choppy.

First, the album is 19 tracks too long. Much of the tracks blend together — especially the ones with pop features. Most of the pop features sound the same with Eminem rapping the verses and the guest feature giving the hook/chorus. One notable track is ‘Need Me” which sounds more like a P!nk song than an Eminem one. Also, another notable track is “Remind Me” where there is this badly mixed version of Joan Jett’s “I love Rock and Roll.” I don’t normally have a good ear for hearing bad mixing and production; but, with “Remind Me” it’s just bad. Generally, the production and mixing are unacceptable considering how much money Eminem has from the success of his 2013 LP2. It makes a person wonder where all that money went.

It’s not just the sound, as the lyrics are filled with these puns and bad verses. In some ways its sounds like Eminem has run out of stuff to rap about. In an interview shortly after the release of the album, Eminem states: “Rapping gets harder, Rhyming gets easier.”

One thing that I think that’s worth noting is that from the design of the album it looks as if the whole album would be about America. Both the front and back cover have this American flag design and the Trump diss at the BET freestyle all point in the direction of a politics centered album. On the contrary, the album only gives two songs that touch on politics: “Untouchables” and “Like Home.” Sadly, Eminem’s approach to politics is–well, Eminem says, “So basically, you [President Trump] Adolf Hitler.” To give my thoughts: I don’t see a moustache on President Trump.

Amidst the rubbish there are two diamonds in the rough: “Castle” and “Arose.” The final two tracks tell a beautifully, heartfelt story. In “Castle”, Eminem gives a touching letter to his daughter where he ODs at the end. Then, “Arose” continues the story as Eminem raps about his death and is in ways — his eulogy. The female voice in “Castle” has this chilling yet melodic tone that matches the mood of the song perfectly. While in “Arose” there really is no hook as Eminem raps on beat for the whole song and it sounds great.

Before I conclude this review, I would like to give a short list of what I think are the more tolerable tracks from the album: “Chloraseptic,” “Walk on Water,” “Believe,” “Framed,” and “River.”

To conclude, Eminem released a response to criticism in a remix of “Chloraseptic” and Eminem’s voice sounds amazing in the diss track. Yet in terms of content, I don’t think he addresses the more glaring issues of Revival. The album as a whole is not worth 16 dollars, for only two songs stood out. Two songs are not worth 16 dollars. I miss my 16 dollars.

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Eminem’s Revival is not worth 16 dollars