Soleil Hampton paints a picture of her life

Maya Calderon, Staff Writer

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 Every bronco lives his or her life differently, but senior student Soleil Hampton colors her life with artistic skill.

“I spend every waking hour on art,” Hampton informed. “At school, I try to limit drawing to just during the AP Studio Art period. And leisurely, I haven’t had too much time, but around two to four hours or more daily. It’s a lot, but it’s really important to improve.”

In addition to her dedication to art in class and at home, Hampton commits herself to professional artwork, as well. She runs several social media accounts which advertise her skill (this includes Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr). These accounts are fairly new, so there has not been much content, but Hampton continues to build them through trial and development. She is even planning to start a collaboration blog to organize art and literary zines. Taking advantage of this online connection, Hampton does commissions by request which can take up to twelve hours to complete. Her life is dedicated to art, and her talents present themselves through her accomplishments.

“The art showcase at Vista [last school year] was cool to go to and see everyone’s work, and this year I’m actually a part of planning them!” Hampton said.

After entering her sketchbook into the showcase, Hampton decided to take part in designing the event, allowing others to benefit from her ideas and experience. She does this in Broncos Ordering Button Society (BOBS), as well. Hampton’s position as President of this school organization gives her the opportunity to give advice to other members as they create the artwork for custom buttons. Not only does she involve herself through leadership at school, but she also enters local and national competitions. For instance, Hampton has entered her work in the Press Enterprise Art Show and at a gallery in Old Town for the past two years. Additionally, she entered the national Reflections contest in 2016, winning second place. Hampton’s commitment to art has lead her to accomplish many things, and she plans on continuing with this passion in her future.

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of talented artists trying to get jobs in the field, so constant improvement is necessary for me to succeed,” she explained. “I hope in twenty years I will be doing art for a living, designing for major companies, and supporting my family.”

While she aspires to work as a freelance illustrator, Hampton keeps her personal goals in mind, as well as her professional ones. So much of her time is spent on her artistic skill, but she promises to maintain the connection to her family in the future. In fact, Hampton intends to remain in California after college. Although she is planning on maintaining a permanent residency in her home state to be near her family, she realizes the potential of the booming art industry in California, as well. It is clear that Hampton commits herself to her art as both a profession and a passion. While dedicating so much of her time to improve and to consider all aspects of her future, Hampton knows that art is what she will always want to do.

“I try to express the beauty of the world through color and composition. I love the feeling of knowing anything you can imagine can be drawn or painted somehow.”

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Soleil Hampton paints a picture of her life