Did Stranger Things get stranger?

Kaitlyn Heard, Staff Writer

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The new season of Stranger Things was “out of this world” with its intriguing setting and confusing plot. However, there are a few significant things that need to be discussed before anyone can form an official opinion about it.

If you are not familiar with the science fiction, Netflix original series, StrangerThings, it is about a group of kids that become involved with a girl, named Eleven (Elle), who has these so called , “superpowers”. She ends up saving the town from, “The Upside Down,” which is an alternate universe that is a replica of our world and can’t be seen by the normal human eye. She also saves the four main characters, Mike Weeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers from bullies in their everyday lives. The Duffer Brothers, the producers, writers, and directors of the series, appear to have gotten extremely creative with the plot in season two by adding new characters. The main ones in this addititon include a beautiful, intelligent redhead named Max Mayfield, her vain conceited contrasting brother, Billy Hargrove, Bob Newby, Joyce’s new boyfriend, and some other surprise characters that keep the audience glued to the series and help improve the plot.

When Eleven finally makes an appearance in season two, she is in a run down house in the middle of nowhere (a forest) and she is living with Jim Hopper, the town Sheriff. In this part the authors definitely focused on parenthood and touched some on how a good overprotective parent is versus how a bad overprotective parent is; Joyce being the good parent and Hopper being not the best. In both cases, they show how the parents tried, but in the end, you could tell that being too overprotective isn’t the best way to guide children. Being a teen, I can say that I agree. The Duffer brothers mention a few other prominent topics from our society, like racism, and presents them in a way where the good always prevail again the evil in any form or fashion.

In this season, Elle’s character is developed and she becomes stronger by going through tough times and meeting people that she never knew existed. Her becoming stronger really makes the plot better because through her journey she learns how much she loves Mike and her friends needs needs to be there for them all. She learns the importance of having a family and this helps her become more like a child that fits into society, whereas in season one, she was quiet and barely understood the ways of human interaction.

Stranger Things 2 is filled with growth, acceptance, and for Elle, can be thought of as a coming of age season. The plot gets deeper and all the characters show their true colors or at least present a shade close to it. It definitely gets more confusing with every element that is added and the switching back and forth between Elle’s life versus the boys’. However, once they are all united everything makes sense. Hopefully, in the upcoming seasons, the Duffer Brothers decide to keep the 80s vibes with the interesting clothing and hairstyles because it really makes the series stand out against all other science fiction television productions and series. When one thinks of science fiction, normally it’s placed in a present or futuristic setting. Stranger Things, on the other hand, is placed in the past which makes it more mysterious for our generation, seeing that the past has already happened. It makes the audience feel like maybe the upside down once existed. Plus, who doesn’t love the epic beats from the 80s.

To wrap up, after breaking down and analyzing season two to the dot, I have to say that Stranger Things did in fact get stranger with all of its random moments of suspense mixed with the drama of each of the characters’ individual lives. This season is definitely filled with many layers that needed to be peeled to grasp everything that takes place in the series. I’m definitely looking forward to a season 3, because the monsters get scarier and, for some reason, become smarter in figuring out new ways to attack the human world and get their revenge. If the Duffer Brothers decide to make one, and I bet it will be the strangest of them all.

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Did Stranger Things get stranger?