The Overflowing Cup compares to Starbucks for coffee

Brea Pratt, Staff Writer

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The Overflowing Cup is a coffee shop off Murrieta Hot Springs. It is attached to Calvary College, but is now open to the public. It is one of Murrieta’s hidden gems.

When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by not only warmth and the smell of coffee, but also by the friendly employees. The low hum of voices bounced off the high ceilings.

It was like walking into urban Narnia, where instead of walking into a winter wonderland, I found myself in a warm relaxing environment where students roamed. The grey and brown color scheme, along with the cityscape mural, and pendant lights, create a simple but metropolitan vibe. In all honesty, it looked like it was ripped out of a romantic Hallmark movie.

The menu, printed large enough for all eyes to see, was a wide array of options ranging from Cappuccinos, to tea lattes, to Italian soda. In addition to drinks they also sold various types of bagels with free cream cheese, muffins, and various snacks and candies. They even sold Cup Noodles to feed those hungry college students! As if that wasn’t enough, the drinks and bagels were very wallet friendly. A medium drink and a snack (plus tax) cost me $6 exactly. The Overflowing Cup also hosts a Drink of the Month, this month being a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I decided to challenge Starbuck’s and order the infamous drink and a bagel. Before I rave about the beautiful drink, I want to praise this bagel. The Asiago Parmesan bagel might have been the best bagel I have ever had. I knew it was going to be a great bagel off the smell- I mean bagels usually have a strange smell, but this one smelled of Thanksgiving. The thing about bagels is, they’re usually either really soft, soggy, or too crisp, but this one- crunchy and soft all at once. What sealed the deal was when the cashier asked me if I wanted cream cheese, and then laughed and shook his head when I asked if it was extra. I was shocked. Free cream cheese! Not to mention the bagel was only a little over a dollar and huge.

However despite all the amazing things, I was most impressed with the service I was given. As soon as I walked in they employees all welcomed me, and not in a half hearted manner, but obviously happy. They cracked jokes and had fun even while working diligently.  When there was a mix up with my drink, the barista came to my table that my wait would be just a little longer because they were fixing it, and repeatedly apologized. When I asked to take some pictures (before my phone died), she excitedly said yes, and asked what school I was from and what the newspaper was called. At one point, another barista walked around to tables and asked if everything was okay, if students needed help with homework, and even gave his opinion on what a group’s project should be.

Overall I would recommend this shop to anyone looking to get away from the Starbucks norm. I will definitely be returning and sooner than later.

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The Overflowing Cup compares to Starbucks for coffee