The Man Who Invented Christmas puts people in the Christmas spirit

Kaitlyn Heard, Staff Writer

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The holidays are upon us and it’s important to remember the spirit of Christmas and what it really means to celebrate the holidays no

matter if it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or some other holiday that I haven’t named. The Man Who Invented Christmas is a biography of Charles Dickens released to the movies on November 22, 2017. It gives us insight into the inspiration in which the book, A Christmas Carol was created from and how Charles Dickens came to accepting his past, present, and future by writing this book.


The heart-felt movie deals a lot with problems that we see in our lives and problems that we don’t see anymore because of the era we live in. Dickens dealt with financial issues and the pressure of getting his book published without the support of a publisher by the Christmas deadline or he would, “Never write again”.

Dickens found that under pressure he cracked and him coming to accept his past allowed him to make it to the end and develop the most well known Christmas tale ever made. The director of the film, Bharat Nalluri, made Dickens and the characters connect so much that they all were able to help him by pushing him to find peace with his history.

In attempting to meet his deadline he struggled with his family in many different way. He found out that his wife was expecting a child which would be his 100th piece of responsibility that he was happy for, but extremely stressed for seeing that if he could not sell every copy of his book, he would be bankrupt. It would have been impossible for him to raise a family without any money or support. His hardships make the film relatable to audiences of any background because most people might not admit it, but we all struggle around the holidays. The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and giving but stress sometimes gets in the way and makes us all forget the happiness and purpose of this time of year. This is exactly what happened to Dickens making him the Scrooge of the movie.

The biggest struggle Dickens faced with his book was attempting to make the book his best work with the common condition called writer’s block. Most authors and artists can relate to this so it was a perfect aspect to include in the movie since it is not just about the author and it’s not just about the book. His collaboration with the characters in the movie to produce the book make this film the most interesting film biography I’ve ever seen. It added the element of magic to a boring historical documentary, which is intriguing much needed for the holidays. The biographical film also included comedy that was also quite relatable to artists of all kinds because they all understand what it’s like to be “in the zone” and get interrupted because they are needed elsewhere.


The movie has a lot of interesting facts about Dickens that I did not know about, but have learning and found important and essential for him to have created the Christmas Carol. It definitely got me into the Christmas mood and if you want to be in the Christmas mood and understand what it’s like to have the spirit of ChristmCourtesy of Google
as, then you should hit up the theaters and watch this film too.

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The Man Who Invented Christmas puts people in the Christmas spirit