School lunch doesn’t disappoint

Kyler Bathon, Staff Writer

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Have you ever watched a movie about high school and seen the gross lunch they slop onto the plates’ of every student? Then, have you looked at the lunch that they place on our plates at school? If not, then you really should. As far as I know, nobody has taken the time to review the Vista lunches. So, today we are going to do just that.

First, the lunch ladies at Vista are amazing. They go above and beyond every day, trying to make a nice hot lunch for anybody that desires one. Really, take a look at the menu. They serve things like pasta, teriyaki chicken, egg rolls, and so much more. Sometimes they even bring a grill outside and grill cheeseburgers. That’s fresh food! The menu has never failed to amaze me, and I’ve been here for four years now.

What’s even more amazing about the ladies who work in the kitchen is that they are so kind. In my experience, there hasn’t been a day that I waited in line and then heard, “have a nice lunch,” then looked back to see a bright smile from the lady handing me food. This luxury can’t just be at Vista, but it’s also something special that students take for granted. Say thank you guys! They are here serving us and doing a great job at it too.

As I mentioned in the beginning, there are many other unfortunate things we could be getting served here. I feel like I’m eating some gourmet food here on some days. If you haven’t had a school lunch, then I really recommend trying it for one day. You won’t be disappointed, especially on teriyaki chicken day.

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School lunch doesn’t disappoint