Soro’s Mediterranean Grill provides a pleasant environment

Lucelis Martinez, Staff Writer

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With the upcoming holiday’s lots of families are coming into town. Soro’s Mediterranean Grill in Old Town Temecula takes this into account with their motto,“Family Fun Dining.” After eating there with my own family, I have formed a definitive opinion.

The food at Soro’s Mediterranean Grill was described by the waitresses as a fusion of Mediterranean food ranging from Italian, French, Indian, Greek, Spanish and Asian. When entering the restaurant you will find that the menu encompasses just that with dishes ranging from Italian Fettuccine Alfredo and Greek hummus.

In front of the entrance to Soro’s Mediterranean Grill there are trees and very vivid green foliage. Leaves were flying out as the wind picked up. Sitting outside will seem enticing for those who enjoy looking at greenery. The head waitress was quick to tell my party to cover our drinks with napkins to avoid having flies or gnats in our drinks and apologized for such an inconvenience. We were even told about the owner’s fascinating background and his travels around the world. What he’d seen encouraged him to expand his menu and create an inclusive menu.

Wait times:two words which absolutely terrify families looking to have a nice meal. Especially large families who have even longer wait times. Lots of families talk about the fact that something always happens right before they go out. Somebody takes an hour getting ready, or a wheel pops off the car, a kid gets forgotten behind (seriously it happens) all of which make families go to restaurants at the worst possible times, when every other family finally gets there. All of these factors put into question just how fun “family fun” truly is.

At Soro’s Mediterranean Grill, wait times were fairly normal. You can always check on the website which tracks how many people are there at the moment you search for it, so there’s nothing to fear. After waiting for around 30 minutes patience in the people around me was beginning to falter. Luckily, the food arrived right before the waves of complaints could arise. And when the food arrived, it was worth it.

Prices ranged from around eight dollars to 40 dollars however my family ordered the chicken shawarma, chicken kabob sandwiches and chicken kabob platter. All these items were enjoyed by each person. Overall ranking for the food ran from 3’s to 4’s overall. The mix of spices in the food were enticing and added notes of flavor in the food. Some of those notes filled us with joy, and some feel just slightly short. Cinnamon seemed present in the food, a sort of dessert like boost.

Overall, family fun was more like family chill time with a good meal and beautiful scenery. This was accompanied by a very friendly staff and pleasant calming music. But then again we didn’t try the dishes on the menu that the chef sets on fire before it arrives on your table, that might’ve added on to the fun.

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Soro’s Mediterranean Grill provides a pleasant environment