Kailey Bosna lives on the stage

Camila Castellanos, Staff Writer

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Kailey Bosna, a senior at Vista Murrieta, has been living on the stage since she was 7 years old. This year, she was cast as Abigail Williams in The Crucible for drama’s straight play.

“We did a class show in second grade, and I got a speaking role – I had like two lines,” Bosna said. “And just from there I was like, ‘Yup, gonna do this forever.’”

Bosna first got into acting when she was cast in a small class play in the 2nd grade. Since then, she has been acting both inside and outside of school. She began singing earlier though; she had gotten a Carrie Underwood album for her birthday in kindergarten, and decided she wanted to be her. Of all the plays she’s been in however, Bosna says her favorite play she has been in has been The Crucible.

“I read the Crucible my freshman year because I did one of Abbey’s monologues for a school project,” explained Bosna. “And every time Mr. Finch would ask me ‘What do you want to do next year?’ I would say The Crucible, I’ve always wanted to be Abigail. So when he annouced that, I was so excited.”

Bosna enjoys playing Abigail because her constant mood swings and physcotic character challenge her as an actress. She believes her favorite part of acting is studying her character and connecting with them emotionally and physically. Bosna likes to study the way they move and the way they feel, and how they feel impacts the way they move – truly getting into their head to understand how to play them.

“Just today someone was taking roll in our class and they called ‘Abbey’, and I turned my head,” Bosna said. “My names not Abbey, I’m Kailey, and thats why I love connecting to the characters and their story.”

Bosna plans on pursuing acting and theatre as a career. She currently has a few auditions coming up for acting schools, but is mostly hopeful for her dream school – The American Academy of the Dramatic Arts in New York. As of right now, however, she is focusing on her last year of drama at Vista Murrieta and enjoying her high school career as much as possible.

“I’m excited to make as many memories as I can before I can’t do it anymore.” said Bosna

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Kailey Bosna lives on the stage