Edgard Villa perseveres in cross country

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Edgard Villa is a committed cross country runner in his senior year at Vista Murrieta High School who plans on majoring in Biology and continuing his career as a long distance athlete in college.

“Running is a true joy. Though it can be painful and some may dread it, the fact that we have the ability to run and stretch our legs makes the experience incredible. Getting to run is like feeling freedom in the legs.”

Shivela Middle School is where Villa began his career as a competitive runner for fun. This interest had carried over into high school.

Villa said, “Though I participated and enjoyed Soccer, I was really interested in running Cross Country because it was great running in middle school and at local 5k courses.”

Since his sophomore year, Villa has continued to remain dedicated to the sport.

“I dislike the injuries that cross country can bring; however, with the right preparation and careful attention to the body, most injuries can be avoided.”

Like any sport or activity there are always obstacles that come along with them. In other words, the challenges that many students may fear to the point of discouragement in sports are not very hard to manage at the end of the day. Instead, they are manageable and should not be the reason that one avoids playing sports.

Encouragement, regardless of how small it may seem, is actually very powerful and is something that really makes a difference. Though it may be simple to say, encouraging others really matters.”

“Even though I am very passionate about running, sometimes staying motivated to push myself every day at practice can be a challenge. To overcome this, I usually think about my end goal and visualize it as if I were experiencing the last moments before accomplishing my season’s goal.”

At the end of the day, Villa’s positivity and perseverance is what serves as a driving force to make it to the finish line. Although Villa explained that he enjoyed the specific training in for cross country running that prepares runners for certain running scenarios, therefore increasing confidence and progress in terms of success, Villa also credits his confidence and success to the

“Many people who have encouraged and inspired me to reach for success. My coaches have all been incredibly helpful and truly are an exceptional staff. My coaches have been a great example of not only how to perform to the best of my ability, but they have also been examples of how to have integrity, humility and passion, even in the face of our biggest obstacles.”

Villa also feels as though participating in cross country has allowed him “to make an incredible group of friends and work hard to a goal that is easily measured. This allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment and relief from any issues I may have.” Therefore, as a result of hard work, training, and encouragement, Villa has been able to place in the top few spots for the meets Vista’s Cross Country team has attended.

Yet, even with this success, Villa assures that his “real goal lies in where I hope to finish my season.”

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Edgard Villa perseveres in cross country