College Kickoff Day prepares students for their future

Kiana Tyau, Graphic Designer

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On Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, the second annual College Kickoff Day was held at Vista Murrieta High School.

This day, although being held on a minimum day, is jam packed with activities that help better prepare students for college and careers for their future prosperity.

For Freshmen, the day consists of discussing what college one would want to go to, if any. In addition to this, Freshmen are able to discuss possible career options for the future as well. Teachers also talk about what they had did in terms of their college and career experiences in order to give students more insight on how each individual can take differents paths in life and still be successful. In addition to this, students take a survey based on spending and the costs of living for their future in order to better assess what college and/or career option is best for them.

For Sophomore students, this day offers a free PSAT exam. By offering this opportunity to students, they are better prepared to take the SAT in their Sophomore, Junior, and/or Senior year due to the fact that they are able to be introduced to the format, strategies, question formats, etc of the test itself before taking the official test itself.

For Juniors, the day consisted of discussing how career aspirations have changed from when a student was younger to now. This activity is meant to show that as you grow older and learn more, your interests typically change. In addition to this, the day also consists of students watching videos that are both informative and inspirational. Juniors are able to get a better understanding of what must be taken care of before, as well as during their senior year.

This day is especially beneficial to Senior students in high school as it serves as an opportunity to see it they are on track for college. On activity that students were able to participate in was the filling out of applications, which was beneficial in the sense that students are able to ask teachers questions and request assistance in the process. Even if students do not intend of applying for college, it allows them to become more familiar with the application process, should they later decide to pursue a higher education. Furthermore, this day allowed students to start filling out the FAFSA, or in other words, financial aid. In addition to these activities, Seniors were able to see examples of Senior Exit Interviews to obtain a better grasp and understanding of how the presentation process works. Lastly, students were able to participate in a “Meet the Pros” panel, in which people from various career fields introduced themselves, explained what they do and how to obtain a job in that field, and answered a few questions.

Overall, the college kick-off day serves as a creative and effective outlet for students to get a better understanding, as well as feel better prepared for college in the near future.

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College Kickoff Day prepares students for their future