Ben Patton finishes his water polo career strong

Kyler Bathon, Staff Writer

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Ben Patton, senior, has been playing water polo for five years. Patton started playing in eighth grade and he is currently playing for the varsity water polo team, which he has been a part of for two years now.

Photo by Kalob Baesen

“I was introduced to the sport through my older brother. I saw him playing and thought I should try it, because it looked fun,” Patton explains.

When he entered high school, Patton joined the school team. What seems to really intrigue him about the sport is how fun it is and how awesome the people are that he plays with. It’s amazing to be around people with a common interest.

“My team works great together; there’s a lot of chemistry. At times we goof off, but then we can get serious. We know when it’s time to work,” he explained.

Patton plays as a goalie for his team, an important position. Goalies are sometimes considered the coach in the water. This is due to their ability to watch the field while he isn’t defending the goal.  As well as playing for his school team, Patton also used to play for club teams, outside of school.

“I used to play for a club team called CHAWP. This is where I met my club coach, Kevin, who has impacted me a lot,” he explained. “I have to say that I like the club and school team about the same. It’s a bit more fun at club though because we play more and swim less.”

Patton has played an important role in helping his team win so many games this season. One of his teammates, Timmy Pourkazemi, has spoken out about how Patton contributes to the team as a player.

“Ben is a really great goalie and I really hope that he sticks with it. I feel that if he keeps working hard, he will become an even better goalie,” Pourkazemi said.

Although Patton has great skill in this position and sport, he doesn’t seem interested in going to college to continue his legacy. Because of his skill, this may disappoint teammates and others around him, knowing that he could go really far with his hard work.

“I don’t want to play in college. For me, it’s just something I’m enjoying in high school,” he said.

Although Patton doesn’t want to continue in college, he is still making an impact on many teammates at Vista and finishing out his last season strong.

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Ben Patton finishes his water polo career strong