Danielle Arribere shares her true passion

Camila Castellanos, Staff Writer

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Danielle Arribere, a member of the women’s varsity tennis team, was influenced by her family to get into tennis, and has been playing since her freshman year of high school.

“My entire family was a tennis family, and when I got to high school my sister was on
the varsity team, so I kind of just grew into it.” Arribere said.

Arribere swings between both singles and doubles, but she prefers to play singles because she gets to make her own decisions and doesn’t have to rely on anyone but herself. This years varsity tennis team is all new members, with Arribere being the last survivor of last years team, after everyone else graduated.

“I would describe this season as a growing season,” Arribere explains. “There were 14
people on the team last year and 13 left, so the majority of the team is brand new.”

Arribere spends most of her time at Vista Murrieta on the tennis court, but she has a variety of other hobbies, including rock climbing, archery, and music. Arribere plays the guitar, ukulele, piano, and was in drumline in her middle school years. She recently won a country music competition in Tennessee and is now recording an album that will be shared with record companies such as AMC Records. She hopes that she can do music for a living straight out of high school, but says she would love to go to college for the experience no matter where she ends up.

“Really my passion is music and writing my own music, so playing tennis could help me go to college, or just end up being a hobby afterwards,”

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Danielle Arribere shares her true passion