The impact of zero sugar

Vincent Kuai, Staff Writer

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Ba-da Bing Ba-da Boom, Welcome to another special Vincent’s super roober reviews. In this review, I will be commenting on Zero Sugar drinks and the upcoming Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

On the Coca-Cola US website, it states that they are introducing a new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drink this fall. This drink has a very similar name to Pepsi Zero Sugar. Regardless of which company came up with the Zero Sugar drink, the Zero Sugar idea seems like another way of rebranding the “diet” drink.

Both the Diet drink and Zero Sugar drink are inherently ironic. In both scenarios, the drinks are designed and advertised for people who are losing weight and attempting to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Grow up. If you’re drinking a Zero Sugar Coca-Cola with a salad then don’t lie to yourself about wanting to lose weight. The more accurate choice of drink would be water, if you truly wanted to be healthier.

Not only is that but, the concept of a soft drink with no sugar is interesting. The purpose of drinking a soft drink is to taste something sweet, and to mask the taste of horrible tasting food. When companies take sugar out of their drink, they replace it with artificial sugar. The artificial sugar is still pretty much sugar, so what was the point of taking it out originally? But, whatever.

At the end of the day, I could honestly care less if you decide to pick up a Zero Sugar Coca-Cola or go with a bottle of water. Your body is yours and my opinions are mine. At the very core of this argument, is the idea of living in a state of denial. If you decide to drink Zero Sugar Coca-Cola then don’t lie to yourself that you have chosen a healthy lifestyle. You haven’t. Also, don’t act like some guru who found the fountain of youth when you carry your “healthy” drink around. Whether you drink sugar or artificial sugar, it’s still sugar.

In light of what I have said, I would like to conclude with this statement: I prefer root beer.


I give Zero Sugar drinks: 6 elephants out of 465 staplers.

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The impact of zero sugar