Landen Evans makes a comeback in water polo

Kaitlyn Heard, Staff Writer

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Landen Evans represents Vista Murrieta at every water polo tournament he participates in. Being a senior and having played water polo since 6th grade, Evans has made a huge difference on the team.

At their recent game against Murrieta Mesa High School on the October 17th, they managed to pull out a win with a score of 16-11. The team competes against every team in the Southwestern Water Polo League and some more around the San Bernardino area. They have been trying their best this year, but despite their efforts, they have had some losses.

“We’ve lost to some teams that we shouldn’t have, but we’ve beaten teams that we
shouldn’t have,” said Evans.

Their main rivals are Murrieta Valley High School and Ayala High School. The team has competed against both of them this year and were beat.

“That’s how I know we are not going to win CIFs,” said Evans, “There are teams that are even better than them in our division. I just know a lot of the competition, and I just feel like a lot of teams will give us a run for our money.”

During the match against Murrieta Valley High School, Evans was out because he had severe inflammation in his adductor magnus muscle (leg muscle) and was benched for 2 weeks. He explained how even though he is back in the game, he still does not believe that they can defeat Murrieta Valley when they have to compete against them for a second time at League Championships. Although he feels this way about his comeback, his coaches think otherwise.

“My coach is psyched,” began Evans. “Every time we played a team that we played when I was out, he was like, ‘Hey, we got Landen back now!”

Evans has trained with the same coaches throughout his entire high school career. When he first started he switched between multiple clubs and met many new coaches.

“My sister started playing it when she was in high school and I started watching it and I started playing it in sixth grade… at a club in Corona called Xtreme Water Polo, and I’ve been moving around in clubs ever since,” said Evans.

His current coaches have been preparing him for college and expectations of water polo in the real world. Evans has his goals set on San Jose University, but there are a few other schools that have an eye on him too.

Evans said, “I’m entertaining a few colleges right now: San Jose, CBU, UCI.”

Other than college, he does not have too many set plans for the future, but he does know that he wants to continue to do water polo and see where that takes him

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Landen Evans makes a comeback in water polo