Carl’s Junior clashes with Jack in the Box

Vincent Kuai, Staff Writer

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Welcome to another segment of Vincent’s super goober reviews. This time I will be analyzing the two fast food chains: Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box.

To begin, I would like to state that I eat at both fast food chains and they each have their own redeeming qualities. I will start with Carl’s Jr. because they were founded in 1941 while Jack in the Box was founded in 1951.

Carl’s Jr. is likely most known for their famous star burgers, and more recently their $5 All Star Meal. The $5 Meal is a solid amount of food for the amount that it costs. However, in the image provided on the website it shows that in the meal with the hot dog there is mustard included. I did not receive mustard. For false advertisement, I deduct 3 cookie chips from Carl’s Jr. Also, this is irrelevant but, the smile on the Carl’s Jr. Logo gives me the shivers. Yet, I do think that the combination of the colors black and yellow is well done and aesthetically pleasing. Anyway, the overall atmosphere that Carl’s Jr. projects on their audience is one of hardiness and patriotism. This can be noticed by their charbroiled section of burgers and the references to an “American Burger” on the website.  Overall, Carl’s Jr. is a decent burger place for burgers.

Jack in the Box is most likely known for their breakfast meals and Munchie Meals. The Munchie Meal is an affordable $6 and comes with a delicious set of burger, drink, fries, and tacos. The price is one dollar more, but the Munchie Meal is worth that extra dollar. Moreover, it is worth noting that the Munchie Meal is designed for green stoners who are out late from around 9am-5am. In addition to a well crafted Munchie Meal, the Jack in the Box website consists of the color purple. I personally think that purple is a great and underused color in advertisement. So, a bonus of 22 caramel bits awarded to Jack in the Box. Overall, Jack in the box is an amazing burger place that has burgers.

To conclude, I believe that both Carl’s Jr. and Jack in the Box offer something unique to the fast-food chain and are each respectively worth a visit.


I give both Carl’s Jr. and Jacking the Box: 32 bears out of 11 water bottles.

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Carl’s Junior clashes with Jack in the Box