Lexi Hadrych plays her way to UCLA

Kaitlyn Heard, Staff Writer

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Lexi Hadrych, senior here at Vista Murrieta High School, is the top player of the Vista Murrieta volleyball team.

“I heard someone say you’re carrying the team this year,” said Anna O’Connor, Hadrych’s Calculus teacher.

Hadrych has enjoyed her final season with this team so far.

“My most memorable moment was this year at Queens Tournament. [During] the semifinals, the 3rd game, the score was 17-16 and I went up for a block and blocked it straight down allowing us to go to the finals and later winning the tournament,” said Hadrych.

The team plays in the Southwestern Volleyball League in division 1 and competes at CIF at the end of the season. Hadrych has faith that her team might be able to win both.

Hadrych said, “[The season] has been going really well. We’ve lost one, but it was a really close game and I know that we can get the next one, so I believe that we can win league at this point.” And in terms of CIF, “I hope [we can win]. That is the goal. You always want to win.”

I heard someone say you’re carrying the team this year Lexi”

— Anna O'Connor

When Hadrych first began playing at age 10, her position was middle, but now she rotates between being an outside hitter and a middle back player. She has claimed these new positions for six years of her volleyball career. Before moving to high school volleyball, she played at a club called Viper where she received foundational training, and then to Coast where she was recruited to UCLA in her Sophomore year. Hadrych has learned that being the best comes with ups and downs.

“The first 4 years I played I was benched,” said Hadrych. “I didn’t play because I was too short.”

Now that she has grown, she has taken full advantage of her opportunities and is headed off to college where she begins her journey to make her primary and secondary ambitions a reality.

Hadrych said, “I want to go into physical therapy or sports medicine.” For volleyball she said, “I could go into the US International Training or go overseas and play for an Italian team or a French team.”

UCLA is the bridge between that gap because it provides Hadrych with so much support and coaching.

“I have all four years paid for. I don’t have to pay for anything. There is a thing called a stiffen and they pay you $300 a month,” said Hadrych. “I really like UCLA. The coaching is amazing and the talent there is amazing.”

Hadrych is prepared, but she has to maintain her grades until she graduates to be able to sign the contract.

“My grades are fine, so the worry is off my shoulders, but the relief will finally be off once you sign. I can’t wait for that day.”

Other than that Hadrych is ready to leave her legacy behind for the class of 2019 to pick up because she has a future planned ahead of her that she is already chasing

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Lexi Hadrych plays her way to UCLA