Berry bees buzz

Vincent Kuai, Staff Writer

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Hello and welcome to Vincent’s super duper review time. Today we will be looking at the wonderful species of creatures that we have collectively as a human race named, “Bees.”

Now you, my dear educated reader, are likely wondering to yourself: Why bees? Well, because bees are vital to the Earth. Before I can review how bees hold the integrity of the Earth together, I must first detail what a bee is. Bees are, for all our special Vista students out there, an insect. And this particular insect collects honey. The same honey that KFC gives with their biscuits ( I think). The same honey that gets violently harassed by Winnie the Pooh Also, it is the same honey that I use as deodorant for my armpits. Tell me now that bees are not crucial to daily life. Anyway, bees have recently made themselves abundant in Vista.

The other day I saw at least 3 bees, from a safe distance, hanging out around the trash cans. It was terrifying.

Those less than centimeter wide creatures kick my epinephrine into overdrive. Nonetheless, it remains important to state that regardless of the intimidating nature of bees they are still crucial to the environment that envelops us. Bees may have stingers, but they also contribute to honey production and provide essential pollination for our environment. The great Yeezus has given us bees that spend their life improving the environment around them, and who are we to deny them that? Other than honey and pollination, bees also have another defining quality: their colors.

Bees are colored with both black and yellow. The two different colors could signify the dichotomy of human nature. Half the bee is yellow, the other half is black, and from a distance the bee appears brown. Yellow, black, brown are all of my personal favorite colors and I think that those colors are not adequately represented and appreciated in society. However, that is a topic for another time.

To conclude, Bees are wonderful insects that should be appreciated and respected with reverence. In the words of Juicy-J from the poem Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa, “I’m a bumble bee lit up like a Christmas tree.”


I give bees: six hippos out of three potato chips.

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Berry bees buzz