Letter from Kaitlyn Heard

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Letter from Kaitlyn Heard

Kaitlyn Heard, Co-Editor in Chief

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Hi Vista Murrieta High School,

Today, we are in our caps and gowns staring at our future. We are looking for our parents who were our guidance, love, and comfort. We know that some of us are about to pursue our dream careers and try to live life the way we were taught to. Others are about to enter the real world and try to see what the adult life is like for a while. Some of us don’t have a clue of what we want to do or where we want to go, and if any of these are you, that is okay. We are entering a new chapter of our lives and closing an old one which is a big accomplishment in itself. As students of Vista, we have picked up life long skills, connections, and memories to last us a lifetime. They will guide us to our purpose in life and allow us to find our passion if you don’t already have one. Today, I want you to know that life isn’t all black and white. It’s not just right or wrong, up or down, left or right. Life is what it is. We are more than our test scores, grades, medals, and patches. These are all materialistic ideas that can not possibly show your truth. They are only memories. It is your responsibility to go out into the world and present your truth. Tell it, live it, spread it, and make others remember it.

As a transfer student, I have spent these past two years learning about what it means to be a Bronco. I came from two other schools who were both reputable, but I have never seen a school like this one. I grew to love it very quickly and became used to living with CLASS, the Bronco way. I became the co editor in chief in my senior year along with my very close friend Lucelis Martinez and it was such a privilege to recognize all the amazing talent that exists at this institution. Seeing everyone else around me succeed pushed me to become as successful as I could and this is why I am here today happy to graduate and beyond satisfied with my life as a student here. I encourage you to keep living life bleeding blue and gold because these are the glory days. Keep smiling broncos and I wish you good luck with all of your endeavors.


Kaitlyn Heard

Editor in Chief

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