Haefer graduates after 22 years of teaching

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Haefer graduates after 22 years of teaching

Kaylee Howell, Staff Writer

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Along with the class of 2019, a slew of Vista’s finest teachers are having a “graduation” of their own. This year marks a time where a vast number of teachers have decided to take a new step in their lives and retire. Among them is all-time favorite English teacher Ross Haefer. Haefer has been a teacher at Vista Murrieta High School since its opening in 2003, allowing him to have watched the school change and develop over time.  

Coming to VMHS from MVHS to open a new high school was a great decision in my career. I wasn’t sure if the move would be a good one, but, in retrospect, I’m so glad to be a Bronco for the past 16 years.” 

With a decade and a half at Vista alone, Haefer has built up a reputable experience in which he has learned valuable lessons. As he watches Seniors prepare to leave high school, Haefer offers words of advice on entering a new stage of their life. 

“Hey, seniors, earn a degree, first and foremost- and that’s not going be easy for many of the New Gen. Then, worry about life after college. Don’t forget, the Cal State dropout rate is around 42 percent in the first year of college. I rest my case.” 

As many who have been in Haefer’s class know, Haefer specifically warns against the impairments smartphones and social media can cause—especially to those in the prime years of their development. As much as Haefer enjoys evaluating the new generations, he recalls his own teenage issues. 

When asked what he would tell his tell his 18-year-old self, Haefer responded, “Haefer, you’re an idiot, so try to keep your teenage idiotic ways in check. Also, you are only young once, so enjoy the ride and stay in the moment.” 

For incoming high schoolers, this advice still applies. Haefer has endlessly taught students both English and valuable lessons to apply to their lives. Haefer reminisces on the connections and memories he has made with students during his time as a teacher, professing that his favorite part of his job is the relationships he forms with students. Although he has offered endless lessons to graduating seniors, Haefer still has experiences he would like to learn and grow from.  

“Hurray, I’m finally graduating after 22 years of teaching high school English. I’ve learned that I’m a very lucky man to have bonded with so many wonderful teenagers, and I will cherish those memories. I’ve also learned that I look forward to the next part of my journey. Peace out, Broncos!” 

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