Confessions of a Thriftaholic

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Thrift shopping has been on the rise for several years now, beginning it’s shift from a disdainful activity to a fun hobby around the beginning of the 2010’s. The true boom of thrifting, however, did not occur until recently. Perhaps it was the sudden heightened awareness about environmental issues, or maybe it was the resurrection of grandpa clothes in mainstream media. Either way, thrifting has dominated the world of teenagers and adults alike. This craze is especially prevalent in trendy California, where people are quick to jump on the newest styles. Here at Vista Murrieta High School, each student seems to own at least one thrifted or secondhand piece. For instance, Mady Sontostado, ‘20, states “at least 45% of my clothes are thrifted… I think that thrifting is such a fun way to find different stuff, like different time pieces and just stay different, and you can also save a lot of money!”


Mady rocks a bright purple, ribbed, mock neck, a washed, black, Levi denim jacket, and a Y2K inspired zebra print mini skirt. She accessorizes with a pair of sheer, black tights, a classic grommet belt, hair clips, and iconic Doc Martens to add a 90s flare to her fit. 

Mia O’neal ‘20 gives a different list of motives: “For one, thrifting is probably the most affordable clothing you can get on the market. Secondly, thrifting supports the local community, prevents me from supporting fast fashion chains- which exploit underdeveloped countries! -and reduces tons of waste and contributions to pollution. Also, most thrifted pieces are unique and generally have higher quality anyways…” 

 Mia sports an “I heart Russel” Tee tossed over a white turtleneck tucked into a pair of wide-leg, sky blue trousers. She adds an extra layer of warmth with a cherry red cardigan and accessorizes with minimal, gold jewelry. For shoes, she keeps it simple with Comme des Garcons converse.  

Both Mia and Mady share that they love the rise of thrifting, claiming that everyone should try participating in the activity. Other students adorn themselves in thrifted and secondhand pieces, building the freshest fits on a budget. 



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