Mark Tinsay produces musical awesomeness

This is the cover of Tinsay's new release

Mark Tinsay

This is the cover of Tinsay's new release "Takyoki + Chill".

Kaitlyn Heard, Co-Editor in Chief

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Hidden talents are a prominent trend at Vista Murrieta, making our campus stand out from all the other schools in Murrieta. No one would know students on our campus had these talents unless they asked, and to recognize one of them, the Vista View would like to introduce Mark Tinsay.

Mark Tinsay, ‘22, is a musical artist who produced many songs and albums making a place for himself in this large world at the inspirational young age of 15. He released a total of 27 songs and four albums, putting him ahead of most youth with the same passion. Tinsay’s newest album is called “Takoyaki + chill”, which was inspired by the simplest daily experience of spending time with company.

“I think I was making takoyaki balls with my friends and vibing to whatever it was we had playing in the background. It was a nice wholesome image looking back on it so I wanted to get a similar vibe with the name,” Tinsay explained.

His motivation for the music industry in general goes far past a moment of baking and vibing to the latest hits.

“As for who inspired me, it wasn’t a person so to say; maybe a concept. I’ve grown up with hero stories of people starting from nothing and rising into the industry. At the time it was super cool, but I dismissed that idea as I grew; which eventually did come back, but that’s besides the point,” Tinsay said. “I mean, I never really had a set career choice until now so maybe it just took some realizing that what I had been watching around me in the media was the thing I wanted to do.”

Tinsay’s advantage in this business is his youth. Most artists producing music are twice Tinsay’s age and were unable to pick up their passion until much later in their lives due to circumstances or a lack of belief in their abilities to succeed as an artist, specifically in America.

“I’m super stoked I found what I wanted to do early. It gives me time to improve and be the best I can when I actually get into the industry. It helps me develop my skills and reach professional standards before I’m 18 and that’d probably help me secure a stable job as an artist or an engineer,” Tinsay stated. “If I stay underground, then I stay underground. If I blow up, then all the better. Getting there won’t be easy. I know that much, and I’m getting ready for it.”

The main genres of music his tunes fall under are hip hop/R&B, lofi, and some alternative. The variance of music that he produces enables him to branch out and not be confined in a box. Most of his songs can be found on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, Deezer, and Amazon.

“If I wanted I could be just like everybody else. I could use type beats and copy vocal chains of popular artists. The only thing that’s letting me stand out right now is the fact that I’m learning. Everything I do right now has slight imperfections, which sometimes is desirable and sometimes its not.” Tinsay clarified, “The color of my sound in itself is distinguishing and unpolished. As I get better my production will only be able to be told apart from the others (or industry professionals) by my choice of vibe and lyrical topics or maybe even mixing preferences. My uniqueness should come from the choices in the creative process and not the unintended moments in production.”

Although Tinsay is still very new to the business, his dedication and skills make the process easy. The work he puts into his music is highly reflected in the final product.

“I can’t really play an instrument besides bass guitar and I’m few and far with that so I’d say my favorite musical specialty would be my production. I make everything myself, or with minimal help, from beats to lyrics. Everything is done with a very small set of people or by me entirely.”

All the hard work put into the production of these albums takes focused time and with the school work Tinsay has to complete, managing time can be hard. However, he found a solution to the mad schedule he is gladly bound to.

“I’m really just going through the motions with trading off school work and music work. Some days are production days and some days are for study. I’ve just completed my first year in music. It’s been a slow journey and one with many ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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