Bronco stars dance their way into the spotlight

Emma Jackson, Staff Writer

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A night full of spectacular performances, nostalgic music, fun choreography, and bright lights wowed the audience on March 8, 2019. Vista Murrieta’s dance team held their annual Dancing with the Broncos event. The event had 13 partner performances, 5 group performances, and 1 guest performance. 

The event was also partnered up with the non-profit agency iDance4aCure. A portion of the ticket sales were contributed to the agency and all the donated money from the audience was given directly to the agency. By hosting the Dancing with the Bronco event, our school was able to raise money and awareness to support the research for childhood cancer.  

This unforgettable night was fueled by the entertaining and hilarious emcees, KK Erickson and Mekhi Hill. The dynamic duo paired up to announce the contestants, engage with the audience, announce awards, and even throw in a few sessions of Twitter Time. The Twitter Timeallowed for the audience to directly express their gratitude or appreciation for the dancers, judges, emcees, or any other person involved in the event. The time connected the emcees to the audience, which made the show feel more personal.  

The event was judges by a 4-panel party, consisting of VMHS faculty members, including Mrs. Garnett, Mr. Seipp, Mrs. Pascuito, and Coach Rucker. The panel offered a variety of scores and answers, while also joking and interacting with the audience. The judges held their score cards up after each performance and were either praised or scorned depending on their given score; however, the scoring was fair and represented the audience’s opinions accurately, for the most part.  

The show began with an animated and lively dance by the dancers and their partners, to the song Finesse by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B. The performance was a great opener and really woke up the audience, giving them a sweet taste of what the event included. The opening number highlighted the stars personalities and the dancers technique. Overall, the opening number was entertaining, and I don’t think anybody was ready for the show to start off as such a firecracker.  

After the energetic performance the contestants slowed it down with a beautiful performance to “Shallowby Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The rest of the night was filled with fun bops such asHairspray,” “Questions,” “Crank That,” “Footloose,” “PYT, and many more. In between performances, the varsity dance team performed to Never Enough from “The Greatest Showman,” and the junior varsity team performed to “A Little Party. Both teams represented their skills and executed their dances beautifully, expressing their passion for the iDance4aCure agency.  

Two hours later the emcees concluded the evening by asking the audience to vote for their favorite contestant, and then awarding them the Crowd Favorite award. The title was awarded to Juliana Nguyen, ‘19, and Zoren Olaes, ‘19. The pair danced to Dive,by Ed Sheeran and received an abundance of praise from the audience. The dance was quite beautiful, and the audience could feel the connection the two shared, as well as the passion within the dance.  

The next award was the Most Entertaining, which was awarded to the sibling duo Alexus and Trevon Ridley. The two danced to Crank That, by Soulja Boy. The two’s dance featured amazing dance tricks, lively spirits, great music, and overall just appealed to the audience. The performance was extremely outgoing and animated, it’s no wonder why they won Most Entertaining.” 

The final award of the night was gifted to Arie Valentine and Steven Riddle who danced to the songConga,” written by Enrique Garcia. The pair won the Judges Favorite award, receiving a perfect score of 40/40. Though the pair was in a four-way tie, they eventually came out on top after a hilarious dance battle. The dance was full of fun music, impressive tricks, beautiful technique, and proved that the star, Steven Riddle, appeared to have more experience than expected. 

Though the show was already spectacular, the final touch was the guest performance by a child dancer, Artyon Celestine. Celestine blew the crow away with his impressive dance moves and experienced choreography. His performance drew the event to a close and ended it with a bang.  

As the contestants did their final bow to the audience, the varsity dance team presented floral bouquets to Coach GO and to the dance moms who helped with the production of the show. I would consider the event a complete success.  

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