10 steps on how to invest in yourself

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10 steps on how to invest in yourself

Graphic by Mia Huggins

Graphic by Mia Huggins

Graphic by Mia Huggins

Emma Jackson, Staff Writer

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Your actions and daily activities affect your overall mental stability and well-being. Your environment determines your success in life and how you see yourself.  Self-love and personal devotion are important to keep a person on the right track. With today’s society, it is important to invest in yourself and focus on your needs in order to be the best you. Investing in yourself should be a top priority that you strive to achieve. If it is not, then try incorporating the following ideas to your life; the results will be life altering. 

 1. Expand your knowledge 

The first step to investing in yourself starts with learning more about the world so that you can expand your personal goals based off your new cultural experiences, not to mention that taking on new academic material expands your intelligence and allows your brain to take on more responsibility.  

Also, have you ever wanted to learn more about your career or learn a new skill? By taking 10 minutes every day, you can expand your knowledge in no time!  

 2. Make rules for yourself 

In life, we are often faced with adversity that stands in our way. We sometimes do not know how to react in these types of situation. It is important to  know your limits and respect them to prevent any obstacles that could prevent you from being a better you.  

It is important to make rules for yourself so you have limits and do not lose your goals or intentions. You should make rules to adjust the problem areas in your social, economic, or mental lives. For example, if you are finding yourself short of cash, make a rule that limits the amount of ‘fun’ money you can spend. It will not only help you get your finances on track but also will help you invest in yourself by eliminating anything that is becoming to excessive.  

 3. Practice healthy living  

Start everyday with the right mindset, it will boost your mood and give you the opportunity to make you the best day possible. This could mean a lot of different things, including meditating, eating a healthy breakfast, waking up early, or going to an early gym session. A healthy lifestyle has been known to make a person much happier and increase their overall happiness. 

Healthy living doesn’t have to start with extremes, it can be as simple as waking up 30 minutes early to jump start your day, or you can start your day with a smoothie. It’s something small that would give you a healthier mindset and help you become the best version of yourself.  

  4. Read books 

As important as it is to make healthy connections and create a positive environment when investing in yourself, it is also important to focus on self-care. That being said, take some time every day to read a new book or magazine article. Reading not only fills an empty void of time in your day, but is also really useful for exercising your mind and getting your brain thinking.  

Try reading something that interests you or something that can help you interact with society more. I suggest a new book, interesting news article, or magazine article. Start by reading for 10 minutes a day and gradually try reading more and more; I guarantee your mood will be lifted. Also, you’ll spend less time watching T.V.!  

 5. Get rid of negativity 

Your life consists of making friendships and relationships. Some of these may be great, but some of them might fall to negativity and toxicity. In order to invest in yourself, you must first find yourself. This means that you need to get rid of all negativity in your life and only surround yourself with positive things that make you happy.  

It may be hard to get rid of old friends, but in to the end your new positive friendships will lead to healthy connections that will stand in time.  

 6. Make goals and actually stick to them  

If you want to truly invest in yourself, then you need to learn to set goals that will get you where you want to go. The goal could be super simple, or it could be so complex that it takes 10 years to achieve. That part is up to you, but when you start small you can achieve something great.  

By setting a goal, you are subconsciously pushing yourself further to success. The most important part in goal setting is sticking to them, follow through with your plan and don’t let anything get in your way. Make a plan and follow it step-by-step until your goal is achieved. Then make a new one. 

 7. Try something new 

If you want to revamp your lifestyle and become a new you, it is important to get rid of the ordinary and try something new. Go out and be adventurous- do something that you have never done before. Start with something small and fairly easy. This will give you the confidence that you can achieve more. 

I suggest that you start with learning how to cook a recipe, knit a scarf, or something else of your interest. After you have successfully learned a new skill, try to learn another, like a new language. This will not only increase your intelligence, but it will help you learn more about your limits.  

8. Practice being thankful 

Life sometimes leads you to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t. This means that you could sometimes act really mean to others simply because of the negativity in your day or any other influences you have come across. Your negativity and rude manners can cause good people in your life to vanish.  

If you are trying to find new friends and make better connections, you should start being more thankful towards your friends and show your appreciation for them. In the end, you will become a better person and be more likely to invest in yourself.  

9. Open a saving account  

When you think of investing in yourself, you would typically assume I mean financially investing in yourself. As you have read, there are many other ways to invest in yourself. However, balancing your finances is an extremely important thing when considering your best self. It is essential for every person to be saving their money and setting goals. Some of these goals could involve determining where you want to be in five years and making a list on how you will get there financially.  

It is recommended that you open up a saving account when you get your first job; on your first paycheck, put 15-20% of your paycheck into savings. The purpose of a savings account is to have a separate fund to use if you are in an emergency, such as a flood, a fire, hospital bills, termination from your job, etc. Plus, who doesn’t love having money?  

10. Do not give up  

When investing in yourself remember to never give up! Do not give up on yourself and do not give up on your journey. You are yourself and do not let anybody stand in the way. Your success is determined by you and you only.  

As you find yourself and invest in yourself, remember that it won’t always work out the way you want it to, but it will work out in the way it is supposed to.  


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