A personal account of how to become Michelle Obama

"Obama directed history by becoming the 'First African-American Lady' and hopes that people will gain confidence and inspiration when taking time to invest in her journey of becoming Michelle Obama."

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A personal account of how to become Michelle Obama

Kaitlyn Heard, Co-Editor in Chief

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Being able to see the First Lady Michelle Obama in person was a inspiring experience for me and the three other leaders on campus who, because of their stellar performance on campus and outstanding work ethic, were afforded the opportunity to watch Mrs. Obama live onstage for her book tour Becoming.

The chosen students who attended the event were Kendall Ruffin, the President of Black Student Union (BSU), Kelsey Waite, the President of Associated Student Body (ASB), Moena Parker, the Vice President of BSU, me, the social media manager of BSU, and about ten other girls from sister schools in the district. We rode in a district bus on a two hour ride to the Los Angeles Forum and stopped off at Bruxie for some uniquely delicious chicken and waffle sandwiches. Then we headed through Inglewood to our destination.

The Forum was the perfect place for the interview between Tracee Ellis Ross and Michelle Obama. The huge, fancy arena had room for hundreds of people and allowed everyone see the magic happen on stage.

Ross questioned Obama about her childhood who revealed the struggles she faced growing up in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. She mentioned how the other kids in her neighborhood saw her as a “proper” kid, and they didn’t like that. Her mother and father raised her to always do her best and be the best, so that’s what she did. Obama worked her way into Princeton and didn’t let anything stop her from becoming cum laude with her major in sociology and minor in African-American studies.

Obama then explained in detail her life experiences after she met her husband, former President Barack Obama. Their first date was a long, life altering event and is represented perfectly, according to Michelle, in the movie “Southside With You.” They had two wonderful girls, Sasha and Malia, and life then was not as hectic as it was about to become.

When Barack Obama won the election, it was an extremely surreal moment for the entire family, but especially for Michelle and him. She shared her experience of couples therapy during their time in office and the hardships of living life as Michelle and Barack versus First Lady Obama and President Obama.

Along with this stress of their relationship, Michelle mentioned the stress of being the “First African-American Lady” and struggles she faced with the media because of the way they portrayed her. The press presented Michelle in a very derogatory fashion that lead to the hate comments which didn’t diminish over time, so she had a publicity team guide her to make sure that every step she took was perfect. Michelle learned to look past the comments because, even though they were draining, she had other duties to keep her busy.

Michelle also wanted to use this time in office to brand herself, so she started her “Let’s Move” campaign, which spread across the nation and aimed to lower the rates of child obesity in America. The successful campaign changed thousands of school lunch menus, so children were served healthy meals during school hours and became educated on healthy eating habits. Michelle built a name for herself throughout the duration of the campaign and became more than just the First Lady or wife of Barack Obama; she became a role model for the future generations to come.

Michelle Obama is a strong, beautiful, and intelligent African-American woman who carried herself through an intricate time of her life gracefully and wishes to share her secrets with the world through her book. Obama directed history by becoming the “First African-American Lady” and hopes that people will gain confidence and inspiration when taking time to invest in her journey of becoming Michelle Obama.

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