Kaitlyn Heard

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Kaitlyn Heard

Kaitlyn Heard, Co Editor-in chief

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– Section Of The Newspaper: Co-Editor in Chief, News and Life writing
– Other Activities Involved in: Link Crew and BSU (social media manager, s/o @bsuvmhs)
– Favorite Quote: “Humbly dominate”
– Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry
– Plans After High School: Attend NYU or Spelman College
– Interesting Fact: I was in color guard for three years and orchestra for five years!
Kaitlyn is a senior at VMHS taking on her second year of being in the VMHS newspaper, after previously being on staff in Chaparral’s newspaper The Platinum Press. We are excited for another great year with Kaitlyn while she takes on the role of Co-Editor in Chief.

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