Winter Fest implements new ways to entertain

Maya Calderon, Staff Writer

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Maya Calderon
Several new elements and entertainment options were unmasked at the Mardi Gras-themed Winterfest this year. Taking place on Feb. 10, the dance was put on by ASB, kicking off second semester with games, food, and dance.

“For this year’s Winterfest, we really tried to think of ways to entertain those who don’t necessarily like to dance, but still want to have fun,” said junior Sophia Johnson, one of Vista’s commissioners of dance. “We had many different activities that cater to all types of people.”

There was, in fact, a variety of options of games and refreshments provided. In front of the lunch tables, a Ferris wheel was brought in, each student getting a different colored wristband which indicated his or her specific time to board the ride. A live band also played directly in front of the entrance, as well as a DJ (Dennis Blaze from 95.7) within the main gym. Ranging from stilt walkers to fire-breathers, the individual entertainment drew crowds, as well. There were also henna tattoo and caricature artists, a photo booth, table tennis, and air hockey available in the small gym. As for the food, fresh beignets, seasoned fries, street tacos, and much more were relative tributes to the dance’s theme: “A Night in New Orleans.” ASB even implemented some new ideas into Winterfest.

“I am really excited for the new layout of the gym and the VIP Section. It’s something we’ve never done before. Plus, it’s unique, and I think anyone attending the dance will enjoy the change,” Johnson explained.

With several new altered aspects for layout and vendors, Winterfest strayed from many of the school’s dances in the past. Having a live band in front of the entrance provided entertainment for those entering the event or those waiting in line. In the main gym, the stage was placed directly in the center of the dance floor with large screens saying things like, “Wager is watching.” Even the layout and type of food vendors differed from the past. The beignets were served at the quad stage, and much of the food was cooked by Mrs. Wilkinson and some student volunteers.

While these games and foods entertained the students that night, ASB spent months in preparation to plan which ones they would be providing at Winterfest.

“The planning happens over summer to figure out a theme,” informed junior Jzolie Ciren Magdaleno, an additional commissioner of dance. “Before Christmas break, we talk to Mr. Dowden and Mr. Ruiz.”

More specifically, the official planning for Winterfest began a week after homecoming. Many staff members and groups on campus helped organize the dance. For example, ASB met with Mr Ruiz, the advisor and teacher of Audio Technology, to review the technical requirements and limits of the dance. Mrs. Calderon, the school’s activity secretary, took part by publicizing the dance and developing the Winter Court. Additionally, ASB had to communicate with businesses that would be providing these activity services.

The Winterfest dance ultimately implemented new ideas for layout and service. As ASB worked for months on the preparation, they worked with other Broncos to get everything done in time for the dance.

“At first, it was a daunting task,” Johnson said. “But with the help of my other commissioners, it was a really fun job, and it’s rewarding to see all of our hard work in the end.”

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Winter Fest implements new ways to entertain